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Secretary’s Desk

From the Desk of the Secretary

secretaryFUTURE is a teacher-driven organization. It is already established as a serious group in the field of higher technical and management education. With the contributions of FUTURE CAMPUS SCHOOL, learning imparted has become truly wide angle! In this spectrum, the task of nurturing tender budding minds is no doubt challenging and the group has taken up this challenge with grace and commitment.
The Inquisitive Child For our children, as well as for the child in ourselves, two most important questions are “Why” and “How”. Through these fundamental questions we think,invent,philosophize,practise and hone our individual talents and skills. At Future, the ambience will encourage the inquisitive mind of the child. Our mission is to indulge the child to be an independent thinker. The Active Child A child is born to be active.Active by choice. Active is a role that he enjoys. Not active by default. Here the child gets several options of activity and a freedom of choice. This brings out the best in him and he will enjoy what he does. The Thinking Child As a active child grows into a thinker, he gradually understands his responsibilities. Duties are not thrust upon him as a code of discipline but formulated by his peers, his seniors, his juniors and himself. Focus on Learning and Teaching Teachers are storytellers. Teachers are facilitators and patient listeners. Teachers are windows to the world of stories. Stories of ideologies, stories of deeds, stories to kindle imagination, stories of culture and heritage and stories of knowledge. Teachers are guides to the powerhouse of information. They are agents of technology. Role of Parents We shall rely upon the powerful role of parents in supporting and respecting the endeavours of the school. I trust that the parents, along with the FUTURE team will help the children grow as the self respecting and courageous torch-bearers of our nation.

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