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Homework Policy

homeworkHomework is a constructive tool in the teaching/learning process, geared to the needs and abilities of students, for the reinforcement of matter learned in the school. It is also intended to help students develop independent study habits.   Children are expected to spend no more than 90 minutes doing their homework. The school will try to assign interesting homework based on the matter that has been covered. Students should try and do their homework entirely on their own, without the help of their parents. They should develop a regular homework routine, keep their parents informed with respect to homework assignments and show them the finished work. Students should:
  • Ensure that they are prepared with whatever stationery supplies are needed for homework and craftwork.
  • Give their parents sufficient notice, if any extra materials are needed for projects and other such home assignments, so that these can be acquired without inconvenience.
  • Create, with help of their parents, an appropriate environment at home for quiet study without disruption.
  • Earmark a regular block of time for homework. If no homework is assigned they should maintain the routine, by reviewing class work or reading a book during the time assigned for homework.
  • Ensure that their home assignments are completed on time and that all supporting books and materials are carried back to school.
  • Seek assistance from their parents only when specifically required, as per instructions from their teachers.
  • Ask their parents, on a daily basis to review their homework, show them the completed work and ensure that they sign the almanac.
  • Seek their parents. help to list the things they did not understand, so that they can share these with their teachers at school next day.
  • Both parents & students should understand that learning is not possible without few hours of self study at home.

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